Plus Size Clothing Tips For
Full Figured Women

Finding plus size clothing that is not only functional, stylish but most importantly, fits you properly are your goals and ours too!

We show you which retailers are getting it right!

Poorly fitted clothing is not an option. Let us cut into the fabric of the plus size fashion industry to bring you what you need…

Functional plus size clothing that… fits!

Plus Size Womens Clothing Challenges

Availability and selection… still limited!


Too much emphasis on selling what is just available... not enough sharing of ideas that work for full figured women.

Today you can cast your eyes on the most stylish of styles and with a lot of research you may find plus size clothes in your size… but do they fit properly?

How many times have you asked yourself…

“Why can't I find clothes that fit me”?

We have all encountered frustrations trying to find clothing that works with us not against us.

Everyone wants to wear clothes that feel great everyday and it starts with…… a great fit.

Fitting oneself is a simple skill that everyone has learned already but, some clothing and undergarments can be tricky. That challenge can be put to the wayside provided that someone shares their expertise.

After all, the difference between those with great fitting clothes and those without is……Knowledge!

Not only can you fine tune your skills with us...

We also share with you which retailers are getting it right!

Full Figured Women... You are not alone! "Fit Me Plus™ Size" is with you 100% of the way!

"Fit Me Plus™ Size Clothing invites you to visit" many of the pages on the website for "How To Information"... to find your great fit and retailer.

Plus Size Womens Clothing Tips

Here are a few quality plus size fashion tips to help minimize frustrations and maximize your great fit! “Seek Plus Size Womens Clothing That Shows Off Your Curves”…
Do not buy over sized clothes. They hide your curves. Choose clothing that brings out your favorite feature(s). Maximize it!

“Tapered Pants Do Not Flatter Curves Of A Full Figured Women”…
You want a streamlined look. Pants with a straight leg that hang from your hip to the floor. Same for jeans. If your problem area is your hips or bottom find pants that slightly flare out at the bottom of the pant leg.

“Do Not Buy Plus Size Womens Clothing That Is Too Tight”…
Make sure to use a sizing chart from the particular retailer that you're purchasing from. Be comfortable in your clothes.

“Plus Size Petites Should Avoid A Plus Size Coat Below The Hip”…
A plus size coat that stops at the hip will make your legs look longer giving you a streamlined figure.

Plus Size Womens Clothing Community

You are your own individual with unique needs.

However, you do share a common thread with other full figured women besides looking for plus size clothing that fits.

Most importantly...

You desire to be understood.

After all, it is…

“Your body”

“Your image”

“Your choice”

You deserve to be well dressed and feel great!

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Let's go find plus size clothing that fits great!